VLOG 8 | Crab Trap


Vlog 3 | Mosquito Trapping At Work

Mosquito trapping, driving around at, and passing time in my office. I didn’t vlog any of my food inspections or work related outings because it’s still pretty awkward. Thank you for watching!

Vlog 2 | Stickin With My iPhone 6s Plus

3 Dec 2016


Today’s vlog is very short. I took Tylenol PM last night and slept the day away. I wasted a day off! Thank you for watching =)
Just my everyday adventures recorded on my GoPro Hero Session. I am 27 and active duty Air Force. Watch my fitness journey and outdoor adventures. Currently Deployed but will be back shortly =) These videos are not for recruiting members or selling products. I am just recording MY life.



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