Bullet My Entire Day | Deployed Version

Typical Wednesday in the desert.

0415: First alarm goes off for gym. Grab sweater and mix preworkout.

0427: Gym time (Leg day. 100 squats, 10 wall balls, 90 goblet squats, 10 wall balls, 80 alternating lunges, 10 wall balls, 70 squats, 10 wall balls)

0516: Head to Drop Zone for Red Bull

0528: back in room to shower. Work at 8am

0635: Alarm goes off *Turn over for more sleep until my next alarm 45 minutes later*

0715: *Alarm goes off*.

0735: Get out of bed to get dressed and braid hair.

0757: *two mins late* Leave room and walk to work

0800: Just on time for work! Since I keep my toothbrush at work (it’s too loud to use in the room) I brush my teeth.

0817: Head to the theatre to give a briefing.

0912: My turn to brief

0917: Back in the office

1000: Food Inspection

1037: Walk to lunch with coworkers *we usually eat early to beat the crowd*

1055: Eat lunch in break room while watching Wheel of Fortune @1100 and Jeopardy @1130
(I’ve never watched these shows back stateside but it’s something to do here)

1139: *tired of Jeopardy* so I head back to my office

1629: Prepare CO2 solution for mosquito trap

1700: set mosquito traps

1733: Walk to chow hall for dinner.

1747: Eat dinner in office

1802: Head to room to shower and change for class

1845: Head to class (Speech 101)

1900: Class starts (only 6 students so doesn’t last the whole two hours)

2013: Back in room

2218: Call it a night because gym at 4am

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Me doing a Food Inspection (Notice I’m using my iPad Pro)