Bullet My Entire Day | Deployed Version

Typical Wednesday in the desert.

0415: First alarm goes off for gym. Grab sweater and mix preworkout.

0427: Gym time (Leg day. 100 squats, 10 wall balls, 90 goblet squats, 10 wall balls, 80 alternating lunges, 10 wall balls, 70 squats, 10 wall balls)

0516: Head to Drop Zone for Red Bull

0528: back in room to shower. Work at 8am

0635: Alarm goes off *Turn over for more sleep until my next alarm 45 minutes later*

0715: *Alarm goes off*.

0735: Get out of bed to get dressed and braid hair.

0757: *two mins late* Leave room and walk to work

0800: Just on time for work! Since I keep my toothbrush at work (it’s too loud to use in the room) I brush my teeth.

0817: Head to the theatre to give a briefing.

0912: My turn to brief

0917: Back in the office

1000: Food Inspection

1037: Walk to lunch with coworkers *we usually eat early to beat the crowd*

1055: Eat lunch in break room while watching Wheel of Fortune @1100 and Jeopardy @1130
(I’ve never watched these shows back stateside but it’s something to do here)

1139: *tired of Jeopardy* so I head back to my office

1629: Prepare CO2 solution for mosquito trap

1700: set mosquito traps

1733: Walk to chow hall for dinner.

1747: Eat dinner in office

1802: Head to room to shower and change for class

1845: Head to class (Speech 101)

1900: Class starts (only 6 students so doesn’t last the whole two hours)

2013: Back in room

2218: Call it a night because gym at 4am

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Me doing a Food Inspection (Notice I’m using my iPad Pro)

Snapping The Life I’m Living

Just like everyone else, I’m currently addicted to Snapchat. I need more friends…mainly because I’m nosey. Add me so I can add you!


  • Daily life in the Air Force
  • My chiweenie Milo
  • My SLOOOOOOOW 5K runs

I hope I have permission to follow you back. I’m nosey so consider yourself warned.

Saturday Morning Workout ✔️

I really need to get my butt back into shape. I have a PT test coming up this month and a deployment approaching. I’m not worried about failing but I definitely don’t want to mess up my “Excellent” ratings. Besides, my body used to be FINE! Haha! 
My alarm went off at 6am but I got out of my bed at about 7:15ish. I wanted to be on my run NLT (no later than) 8am. Of course, I was behind. I forgot to make a playlist and I couldn’t find Milo’s running leash…it goes around my waist. I HATE holding things in my hand when running. I feel like it’s more work.
Anyway, I left my house a little after 9am. This is Milo’s second run so I didn’t know how far he’d go. Also, I’m no cross-country runner but I can force out about 3 miles. Scratch that, these days I’m surprise if I even continue after 1.5mi. Lol only because I’m lazy and get bored super easy. Milo did great! I love running with him because his pace is just what I need to fully complete a 5k. If I run by myself, I tend to sprint and tire myself out quickly. I had no problems with him on the leash or chasing anything. He stopped once to poop…like DEAD in the middle of his little sprint. Haha.
Below are some screenshots. Can we just appreciate the fact that I’m in 1st place in this Fitbit challenge. 😀

I use aNote HD on my iPhone for everything. So this is my workout plan for this morning. Just a run.
My playlist on Spotify. Probably this best music app. You can chose ANY song to listen to at ANY time…unlike Pandora. Unlimited skips, also. Amen!

My results in Nike+ running app. Add me: MarKayla Jackson

Add me on Fitbit, as well: MarKayla Jackson
This Monday’s workout plan. I found a 12 week program on Pinterest. I’m excited to start. I usually wake up at 4am but this will be different because I actually have get out of my bed and head to the gym. Lol

Now, it’s shower time then weekly chores. Too bad I’m On-Call because I wanted to do a road trip. Oh well…
MarKaylaBriAnne 🌻