About Me…MarKayla

I guess it’s only right to introduce myself. 

I am MarKayla and I just turned 27 years old. If you’re wondering, my middle name is BriAnne…reason for my blog name. I’ve been in the Air Force for 7 wonderful years now working as a Public Health Technician. It’s taking me a life time to get my schooling done so I can commission as a nurse. I WILL be a nurse one day. Maybe around 2025 or so lol. Currently stationed in Florida. I’m kind of lucky because my family is right down the road from me. That can also be a little annoying. Yes, it’s good that I can see them anytime but I sometimes I feel as if I’m too close. Anyway, I have a chiweenie named Milo. He’s literally my child. I don’t really care what anyone says, Milo is a kid and I should be able to claim him on my taxes. He’s the greatest and most expensive little thing ever. It’s been a year since I’ve rescued him and he truly deserves the best. Together, we love 2 mile runs, hiking, other outdoor stuff, and relaxing in the house. I’m trying to get my fitness back up to par. Yes, I can run, do push-ups, and stuff but I’m nowhere near as fit as I used to be. My PT test run used to be 12 minutes flat. NOW, I’m at a 14 minute run. I love to run but I’m extremely lazy. That doesn’t make any sense but my entire life doesn’t make sense! I love to scroll the fitblr hashtag on IG and Tumblr. They are so motivating. I also, love reading blogs about blogging. Like blogging from iPad or apps for blogging. I’m trying this paperless route and use my iPad for EVERYTHING. Well, I’m trying. I just need to know the good apps to use. More people need to write about using iPads so I can have answers! Hmm, I was born in Germany and don’t know much about it. I’ve been to a few countries, thanks to my job. I’m extremely introverted but secretly kind of popular. I’m known for always dancing and drinking Red Bull. I’m addicted to Red Bull and I’m slowly realizing that it may be a bad thing. Probably the number one reason why I can’t run more than 3 miles. I get lectured at LEAST 5 times a day about my addiction. Ooooo want to know another addiction? I LOVE the smell, of original Gain laundry detergent…original Gain scented anything. I love it so much that I usually will take a super small lick of detergent. Eeeek, I’m so embarrassed to tell guys that. I’ve never told anyone. I’m a member of JCI Emerald Coast. I enjoy genuine hearts. I hate small talk. Absolutely hate it. I don’t believe in explaining my actions and I hate judgmental people. I’m a my own person and I’ve been through things that’ll break my mother’s heart but she’ll never know. My family is often the last people to know any big news…via Facebook. I LOVE helping people. I hate attention and being around people needing attention. Remaining a mystery is my comfort zone. I told you that I’m introverted but I’m also bubbly when I want to socialize and not even close to being shy. I believe at the end of the night, that I should have messy hair and a step towards any goals. I will always listen to anyone needing to vent at 2am. ….except, I’m a horrible texter. Currently have 21 unread messages and proud about it lol. I’m a Christian and becoming stronger in faith. I’m blessed beyond and maybe one day I will tell why. For now, I just know God is my reason.

I want NEED to become a better writer. As you professional bloggers can see, my writing is horrible. I started a blog just to write about stuff I’m doing or I’ve done. I have goals. Quite a few goals, actually. Too bad it has taken me 27 years to actually go after them. That’s ok though. I will list my social media stuffes below. Come with curious eyes and pure hearts.
💋 M. BriAnne
Twitter: @MarKaylaBriAnne 

SnapChat: markaylabrianne

Instagram: markaylabrianne

For fitness, add me on Fitbit. Search MarKayla Jackson. Let’s do some challenges!


Saturday Morning Workout ✔️

I really need to get my butt back into shape. I have a PT test coming up this month and a deployment approaching. I’m not worried about failing but I definitely don’t want to mess up my “Excellent” ratings. Besides, my body used to be FINE! Haha! 
My alarm went off at 6am but I got out of my bed at about 7:15ish. I wanted to be on my run NLT (no later than) 8am. Of course, I was behind. I forgot to make a playlist and I couldn’t find Milo’s running leash…it goes around my waist. I HATE holding things in my hand when running. I feel like it’s more work.
Anyway, I left my house a little after 9am. This is Milo’s second run so I didn’t know how far he’d go. Also, I’m no cross-country runner but I can force out about 3 miles. Scratch that, these days I’m surprise if I even continue after 1.5mi. Lol only because I’m lazy and get bored super easy. Milo did great! I love running with him because his pace is just what I need to fully complete a 5k. If I run by myself, I tend to sprint and tire myself out quickly. I had no problems with him on the leash or chasing anything. He stopped once to poop…like DEAD in the middle of his little sprint. Haha.
Below are some screenshots. Can we just appreciate the fact that I’m in 1st place in this Fitbit challenge. 😀

I use aNote HD on my iPhone for everything. So this is my workout plan for this morning. Just a run.
My playlist on Spotify. Probably this best music app. You can chose ANY song to listen to at ANY time…unlike Pandora. Unlimited skips, also. Amen!

My results in Nike+ running app. Add me: MarKayla Jackson

Add me on Fitbit, as well: MarKayla Jackson
This Monday’s workout plan. I found a 12 week program on Pinterest. I’m excited to start. I usually wake up at 4am but this will be different because I actually have get out of my bed and head to the gym. Lol

Now, it’s shower time then weekly chores. Too bad I’m On-Call because I wanted to do a road trip. Oh well…
MarKaylaBriAnne 🌻

Learning to “Make-Up”…make-uping 

Maybe it’s bad to you but it looks great to me lol. I probably do the eye shadow. I can’t do wild colors or anything. I like to look as natural as possible. 

Last night was cool. I’m a home-body so I was caught off guard. Completely forgot that I made plans. 

I can’t wait to look back at these old blog posts. How embarrassing will I be in the future?! 

Anyway, 2 days til my online party is over! 

Party Party!

Mail Time!


I’m so excited about my Ignite. I read that it tastes great. I have the orange flavor and it KILLS me to drink it. My business cards also came in! I’m sooooooooo excited because I can hand them out at the conference coming soon. 

OH MY GOSH! I just tried this and it’s not bad AT ALL! Thank you, Sweet Baby Jesus! It taste great. I’m starting to use the Fitmiss products again. I’m so bad at taking these pills. I never remember. I still have full bottles from two years ago! Oh well…
3 more days to shop at my first online party! Go! Go! Go!


Long but good day

Oy! It’s 1am and I’m obviously not sleeping like normal people. Actually, I’m usually a night owl. Unfortunately tonight I am working on my airmen’s Award packet. 

Speaking of airmen, I am now a NCO which means I supervise lower ranking Airmen. I must honestly say that this is the most frustrating but rewarding job. I love seeing my airmen grow and I would do anything to help their careers flourish. Like, sit up all night at 1am to finish paperwork. I don’t ever want to be a horrible NCO or the supervisor that doesn’t invest in my airmen futures.
Anyway, the two pictures at the top are from today. The first one, is a view from my desk. It was raining extremely hard and there was a lightening storm. Please understand that I did not leave the building until I was leaving for the day. The funny thing is that the rain definitely did not stop the patients from coming lol. The second picture is a snap from our JCI meeting. We gained a new Jaycee! Currently my chapter is a very small chapter but as you see, we are slowly growing. I’m so excited to see our ideas come alive this year. People WILL know the Jaycees in this area!

My party is still happening. 5 more days, eek! Go to my website below =]

My Beauty Party

Run til I have none…and the pups


Every time I come in from a run. Milo is in the red and Nero is lying down.

Meet my 2 chiweenies. They are truly little devils. Milo is a rescue and is 1.5 yrs. Nero is from Craigslist and is 5 months.

Anyway, I ran 2.3 miles 26:13. Not bad but definitely nothing good.


Hosting a virtual party, also! Come Party with me.


MarKayla BriAnne ♡

My First Blog

Eek! I can’t believe I’m now a “blogger”. It took me all of 3 hours to decide and set up my new hobby. I did very little research. I was more interested in why many chose Blogger over WordPress or vice versa. Didn’t matter to me. I’m not here for money or juicy gossip. I am here for me.

So, what are beginner blogs about? What content should I jot down? Should I start by telling you that I did horribly in English. In no way am I writer, but you can read.

Let’s start by introducing myself.

I am 26 years old currently serving in the United States Air Force. Before you ask, I do not fly planes but I dream about it every night. I’m medical and my job title is Public Health. I have many hobbies but I will point out that I love to read, dance, and daydream. My life isn’t as exciting as yours but I still carry around my GoPro just in case. I am in the wake of starting a business. I’m apart of WorldVentures because I LOVE to travel. I want to know more about other businesses. Pretty sure, I got the “business bug”. I hate small talk but I will talk to you about almost everything…if I like you. I am secretly a planner addict but I can’t seem to actually keep a planner. I’m more into the idea of having a planner than actually using a planner.

One day, I want be able to give stories about me bringing positive change in the community. I can honestly say that I am content when I’m in the position to help others or to just make other people smile.

I know I will look back at this post and laugh. If my coworkers found this, they’d give me a hard time. This definitely would not be the first time ha!

MarKayla BriAnne ♡