Deployment Essentials

Those of you sisters in arms know that preparing for a deployment can be extremely stressful. I truly believe that the deployment tasking itself isn’t as stressful as getting here. Checklist on top of checklist! Not to mention, making sure finances and family members are in check. Although there is a ton to write about deployments, I just want to focus on Blog Essentials. What did I pack for my journey?

Outside of the mandatory items, what are some musts you should pack for a deployment? For me, I needed my electronics and hair products. See my list

iPad Mini (upgraded to iPad pro): It’s easy to carry around and for me, I am able to use for work. When I conduct food inspections, I load the forms and complete the forms on my iPad. Also, my iPad is great for the long boring plane ride. Although there was a moving playing, if I wanted to just listen to music, read, or watch my own movie, my iPad was there. I was able to Facetime my parents during some stops on the way to my location. I personally use my iPad for everything. I even jotted some Blog ideas.

Macbook: I originally did not arrive with a laptop because I try to use my iPad for everything. I actually tried numerous times to talk myself out of buying a new laptop. Unfortunately, I caved in when I decided to enroll into classes during my time here. I am aware that I could’ve used my iPad for my classes but I must having a keyboard is a blessing.

Fitbit: Since you’re going to be walking everywhere, might as well make a competition doing it. Also, most people become fitness freaks when deployed because there’s simply nothing else to do with the time.

GoPro Session: Totally not needed but I like recording my WODs.

Hair products: I’m a natural sister! You know I need my products. It’s already hard maintaining natural hair while being in the military. It’s harder while being deployed. Only for the simple fact that you’re not in you’re own bathroom at home and this extremely HOT weather!

Workout clothes: Well, you definitely will have your PT gear because it’s mandatory. I’m talking about CUTE workout clothes. One it makes you feel like an actual human again when wearing civilian clothes and not just a uniform. Also, we all know having cute workout clothes boosts your gains!

Headphones: There are many reasons for headphones. One: For the airplane ride. Two: You don’t have to annoy your roommates when you decide to FaceTime your family or with Netflix. Three: For music when working out.

Pictures: Hanging pictures around your living area or office space can boost morale tremendously. I didn’t bring any pictures but I’m thinking about printing some from Facebook for my office.

Now of course, you don’t NEED these things but it’ll make your time a little more tolerable. It’s 2016, who can successfully survive without technology anyways?!

Let me know what essentials you need when deployed OR when staying on long visits.

MarKayla BriAnne

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