Learning to “Make-Up”…make-uping 

Maybe it’s bad to you but it looks great to me lol. I probably do the eye shadow. I can’t do wild colors or anything. I like to look as natural as possible. 

Last night was cool. I’m a home-body so I was caught off guard. Completely forgot that I made plans. 

I can’t wait to look back at these old blog posts. How embarrassing will I be in the future?! 

Anyway, 2 days til my online party is over! 

Party Party!


Mail Time!


I’m so excited about my Ignite. I read that it tastes great. I have the orange flavor and it KILLS me to drink it. My business cards also came in! I’m sooooooooo excited because I can hand them out at the conference coming soon. 

OH MY GOSH! I just tried this and it’s not bad AT ALL! Thank you, Sweet Baby Jesus! It taste great. I’m starting to use the Fitmiss products again. I’m so bad at taking these pills. I never remember. I still have full bottles from two years ago! Oh well…
3 more days to shop at my first online party! Go! Go! Go!


Long but good day

Oy! It’s 1am and I’m obviously not sleeping like normal people. Actually, I’m usually a night owl. Unfortunately tonight I am working on my airmen’s Award packet. 

Speaking of airmen, I am now a NCO which means I supervise lower ranking Airmen. I must honestly say that this is the most frustrating but rewarding job. I love seeing my airmen grow and I would do anything to help their careers flourish. Like, sit up all night at 1am to finish paperwork. I don’t ever want to be a horrible NCO or the supervisor that doesn’t invest in my airmen futures.
Anyway, the two pictures at the top are from today. The first one, is a view from my desk. It was raining extremely hard and there was a lightening storm. Please understand that I did not leave the building until I was leaving for the day. The funny thing is that the rain definitely did not stop the patients from coming lol. The second picture is a snap from our JCI meeting. We gained a new Jaycee! Currently my chapter is a very small chapter but as you see, we are slowly growing. I’m so excited to see our ideas come alive this year. People WILL know the Jaycees in this area!

My party is still happening. 5 more days, eek! Go to my website below =]

My Beauty Party